Ah, I see you are interested in 3D printing! Here are links to the printers and filament I use, and the patreons I subscribe to. For more information feel free to email me. The links I have provided are not affiliate links, I’m just simply recommending the supplies I use and enjoy.  The printers I use: Fokoos Odin F3 – available on amazon for $349 – watch for flash sales that happen regularly and you can snag a machine for $250 or less.  Click Here To See It On Amazon

Filament I use and recommend: 
IIDMax – 10 spools for $100ish plus free shipping (prices vary due to sales)
Amolen– can be purchased on amazon
Stronghero –  can be purchased on amazon Esun – can be purchased on amazon
I have commercial sale agreements with the following designers on Patreon:
Flexi Factory – amazing articulated models
Cinderwing3d– dragons!
Hex3d – this designer makes a lot of amazing pop cult models
Body3D – fantastic articulated pokemon models – a favorite seller is the articulated Onix
Layers In Green – butt goblins!
Holo Props – console and heldhand stands
Recommended Software:
Cura Slicer
Have more questions? Email me! I can be reached at hello@emilytrimnal.com